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Sales pipeline...We're on it. All sales opportunities including background information in the all-in-one solution SITE.
SITE: ERP for sales

Control your sales processes from start to finish with the business software SITE—from initial contact to service for existing customers!

SITE keeps you prepared with all data on leads and customers—on your PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

The SITE Sales Cockpit shows you buying centers, related tasks and customer transactions—customizable for each role. Because it is integrated into a single complete solution, you have a 360-degree view of every customer—from sales quotes and Installed Items to open tickets and ledger entries.

Targeted marketing

Criteria-based mailings using 360-degree filtering options on all customer data

Reliable planning

Use the sales pipeline and the revenue forecast to keep the future of your company in view


Always prepared

Stay informed on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, any time and anywhere

Efficient processes

Use SITE workflows to define and monitor processes


360-degree view

Central access to contact transactions—including from Outlook


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