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360-Degree View in Contact

View all key figures on the Contact List screen and initiate actions directly

Sales, project and helpdesk managers in IT companies want their business software to give them a comprehensive overview of all activities related to a given customer, together with the ability to initiate actions directly from the contact list.

This is exactly what our ERP system SITE provides. SITE lets you obtain information directly from a contact list filtered according to personal criteria without opening the contact card. First of all, you can select and add columns to the contact list, such as the date of the next to-do for a contact (see screenshot, Box 1).

In addition, the SITE FactBoxes at the right will show the information that any given user wants on the contact highlighted on the list. That’s because the FactBoxes are freely adaptable to the different role profiles in your company. For example, Sales can use General SITE Info (see Box 2) to see current sales quotes, customer turnover and open entries, with the option of drilling down anywhere for more details. Job managers can use the “SITE Service” FactBox (see Box 3) to obtain information such as the number of service orders and open jobs, while helpdesk managers can see at once how many incidents are still open.

But the true highlight is that, without having to leave this screen, users can carry out actions (see Box 3) or create new documents (see Box 4) - such as a new “incident” (support case), service order, contract or sales quote.

Bottom line: Customers who use our ERP system SITE with Contact Action View

  • have all information relevant for them available at a glance
  • can initiate the next work stages on the Contact screen itself
  • keep track of the big picture and save time

Interested in knowing more about SITE and 360-Degree View in Contact? Give us a call at (+49 89) 748-5140 or contact us by e-mail at easy(at)singhammer.com.

360-Degree View in Contact requires SITE Version 7.10 or later and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version 2009 or later.

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