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Budget controlling in jobs

Receive automatic notification when budgets are at risk or exceeded

One of the great challenges for an IT services company is to keep services within budget. To do this, job managers need both a broad perspective on all their jobs and a detailed view of each job and the tasks required for it.

With our ERP system SITE, job managers can keep track of their job budgets on several levels. They can set the threshold values that control screen displays of warnings (yellow) and budget overruns (red) and trigger e-mails. SITE then compares all recorded hours with the prescribed budget with respect to both quantities and amounts; closed documents are included in this analysis.

In addition, SITE can optionally notify selected individuals by e-mail as soon as a budget is at risk or exceeded.

Bottom line: customers who use budget controlling in SITE

  • are automatically and promptly warned when the budgets of any of their jobs are at risk
  • can see at a glance what individual orders and tasks are responsible for budget overruns

Interested in knowing more about SITE budget controlling? Give us a call at (+49 89) 748-5140 or contact us by e-mail at easy(at)singhammer.com.

SITE Budget Controlling in jobs is available in the standard application beginning with NAV and SITE NAV 2015.

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