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New release: what’s in SITE 2019 R2

A new universal connector and many more new functions and features: the new release of the ERP industry standard SITE makes the work of IT enterprises much easier and more efficient.

Get work done more efficiently and yet with greater integration thanks to SITE 2019 R2

With the June 2019 release of SITE 2019 R2, our ERP industry solution SITE powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers many new functions and features. These make the daily work of IT enterprises easier and above all more efficient. What do they look like in detail? Here is an initial overview.

Non-proprietary XaaS connector with configurable import

The new connector ensures complete flexibility for importing usage data from different sources. The connector has an individually configurable import schema and thus can be used universally. This is valuable when you want to import usage data in a straightforward manner for recharge to end users. In addition to the configurable import schema for CSV text files, the features of the generic connector include a table for imported lines, a logic for processing the imported lines as usage data lines and a web service for transferring the usage data to SITE.

Enhanced process tracking

Until now it was difficult to quickly locate in the system all processes (documents) associated with sales orders. Help comes from the SITE function formerly known as order tracking and now enhanced as a general process tracking, which you can even save as a separate action for quick searches.

Mixed orders: optimized printouts for service commitment sales

In sales quotes and sales orders, SITE calculates both one-time and periodic service commitments. For greater transparency of these two different line items, document printouts have been enhanced and optimized.

Transfer of posting descriptions from contracts

The Contract No. is now transferred as a posting description from a contract invoice to customer/vendor ledger entries and from there to reminders (etc.). This makes for greater clarity, fewer sources of accounting error and—especially for customers—a more transparent reminder system.

Greater error tolerance when posting via the Job Consumption Summary

During batch processing of service documents for posting usage and billing lines, the application will now skip a record that contains an error and simply continue with processing. The reason for the error is logged, and the user can view the error log after processing is complete.

Continuous approval in Job Consumption Summary

A new field makes it easier to review additional effort entered in service documents that have already been approved. If new hours are entered, the job manager is automatically informed. The new “Approval by” and “Approval on/at” fields provide information on the user who approved the document and are updated if it is approved again.

Creating extension quotes easily in customer contract

The longstanding customer contract function Create Quote for Contract Extension has been revised and “rounded out” in this release. Additionally, the handling of contract extensions in SITE has been simplified once more: if an extension quote is created directly from the customer contract, the customer contract itself is automatically updated and extended. Any associated vendor contract is also updated.

Also new: Microsoft now provides these features and functions

Extra added value for users of the new SITE release comes from the new features of Dynamics 365 Business Central, including these useful web client features:

  • You can use the focus mode to enlarge views of lines in documents: if you click on a line, it appears on a new page.
  • You can right-click on column headings to hide and unhide available columns by making multiple selections from lists.
  • If the system is saving input automatically, the user sees this clearly as a notification at the top right of the screen.
  • You can use the Work Date function to reset the default date for logged-in users to a different date value, which will be visible immediately on all pages relevant to accounting.
  • The Page Inspector function now provides important information such as page and table numbers, keys, field numbers and contents, and page filters as well as information on enhancements (“extensions”).
  • New shortcuts allow you to work more intuitively.
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