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SITE: benefits for finance managers

With the all-in-one software SITE, it’s easier to do financial accounting for your IT enterprise.

The integrated industry solution SITE for IT enterprises effortlessly compiles current data for you from all areas of your company.

Base financial planning for your company on actual figures, report to management with ease at any time, and conveniently create best-case/worst-case budgets. Generate planning data for the coming year from current data just by pushing a button.

You can use different rules such as IFRS or US-GAP when you do your accounting, so that your balance sheets and tax reporting are always in compliance with applicable law.

You can also make your daily work easier with automatic entries and timely payments using SITE.


Invoices are posted automatically.


Keep up with all documents and key figures


Automatic processing of incoming and outgoing payments

Management and planning

Liquidity planning and a wide variety of online analyses

What our customers say

SITE makes it fun to write invoices! You can bill for customer contracts and many monthly services by pushing a button—it’s easy and fast.

Sabrina Klaedtke

Accounting, consalco GmbH

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