DYCE Project Billing

This app allows you to invoice your services and projects flexibly.

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Smart billing management for projects and services

Simple billing management
With DYCE Project Billing, services can be offered and sold effortlessly. The app allows you to create invoices, project tasks and budgets directly from an incoming order.

Effective project control
The clear presentation of all projects and tasks and the smooth workflow provided by DYCE Project Billing make you more efficient. The app enables improved evaluation and long-term performance measurement of projects.

Fast project billing
DYCE Project Billing supplements the Business Central Standard with intuitive functionalities for commercial project management and supports the entire process from quotation to invoicing with flexible billing models.

Features of DYCE Project Billing

Clear overview of all projects and tasks

With DYCE's billing management software, you can see all projects and the associated tasks at a glance. This ensures maximum transparency in terms of supply, management and billing.

Flexible billing of services

With the DYCE Project Billing app, you can flexibly create invoices for your company's services. Depending on your requirements, you decide whether you would prefer to invoice a project on a time and material basis, as a fixed price or via a budget.

Combining order and project

In the DYCE Project Billing app, all orders and the associated projects are directly linked to each other. This makes project evaluation much easier for you.

Create and budget project tasks directly in the incoming orders

With DYCE's billing management, you benefit from a smooth workflow. You can create relevant tasks directly in order management and then allocate the appropriate budget.

Purchasing external services

If you need external support in the form of services or resources for an upcoming project, this project-related purchase can be concluded directly via the DYCE Project Billing billing management system.

Release time records with just one click

All your employees' time records are documented and can be viewed and tracked. The workflow allows the time recordings to be subsequently released for payroll accounting.

Cancel time entries at any time

If, contrary to expectations, a time recording needs to be deleted, this is also no problem with this billing management system. This ensures that only the services that are relevant to the respective project are billed.

Automatic rounding up of time entries

Billing management is particularly time-saving with DYCE Project Billing. The system rounds up all user entries to a full 15 minutes or a full hour, depending on the setting, without the user having to pay attention to this.

Collectively record times

The DYCE Project Billing App facilitates flexible booking of working time. Time recording does not have to be carried out individually, but is also possible as a batch entry. All time records are initially recorded and invoiced together after completion of the project.

Invoice services promptly

As soon as the time records have been approved and thus successfully booked, the services can be invoiced seamlessly. This allows you to see at a glance which projects may be completed.

Proof of performance with every invoice

With the DYCE software, invoices can be created automatically. All services rendered can also be documented in detail. A consignment bill is automatically attached to the invoice for this purpose.

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  • Base fee for 2 environments: € 59.00 
  • Per DYCE Time Tracking User: € 7.50

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