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Make all documents belonging to a process visible with just one click!

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Keep an overview of your relevant documents

Clear document management
The DYCE Document Tracker app makes it easy to find all documents related to a process in the system, which improves the user experience and makes it easier to focus on business transactions.

Fast and uncomplicated use
You can call up DYCE Document Tracker via the cards of most documents or the search function and obtain a list of all processes and documents linked to the outgoing document in just a few seconds.

Features of DYCE Document Tracker

Focused work

Would you like to see which transactions (e.g. deliveries, orders, quotations) have been created with a current transaction? DYCE Document Tracker enables you to focus on one process at a time.

Search less, find more

No more annoying searches for documents that belong to a process. With this app you can see everything at a glance.

Listing of all linked documents

Get a quick and uncomplicated list of all processes and documents associated with an outgoing document.

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Per Full User

1,50 € / month

Attention: The first 5 users are free of charge. From the 6th user onwards, all users are charged.
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Watch the video: DYCE Productivity Apps

In this webcast special, we present three ingenious helper apps that you can use to optimize your business processes simply and effectively.
Find out more about DYCE Happy Texts, DYCE Easy Bundle Seller and DYCE Document Tracker in just under 30 minutes.

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