More leads, more sales and more customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Automate your sales processes and increase your sales. Dynamics 365 Sales is a complete, feature-rich CRM solution with integration options in Business Central.

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Unlock the full sales potential with a 360° view of your customers!

A powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a prerequisite for growing companies today. With a good CRM, you can empower your sales team by providing them with AI-driven analytics and contextual insights and encourage cross-departmental collaboration.
We work with you to design the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with your ERP and service management system tailored to your processes and optimize every step of your sales cycle.
For stronger customer relationships, higher productivity and accelerated sales growth.

One application, multiple functions

Contact and account management

Gain a comprehensive overview of your potential customers, track interactions and promote a personalized approach.

Sales Pipeline Management

Effectively track and prioritize leads and opportunities with intuitive visualizations and customizable processes to close deals faster.

Activity tracking and collaboration

Capture all sales activities and assign tasks to your team to ensure a complete record of customer interaction.

Marketing campaigns

Create targeted lists based on specific criteria and get a real-time overview of campaign progress.

Sales territories

Define sales territories based on geographic regions, industry segments and other criteria to enable better resource allocation.

Sales forecast and analysis

Make data-driven decisions with real-time data and visual dashboards that provide insights into sales forecasts and team performance.

AI-driven sales insights

Use AI for predictive analytics, lead scoring recommendations and identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Low-code/no-code adaptations

Customize the system to your individual business requirements: Create custom forms, workflows and applications.

Mobile enablement

Access customer data and important information on the go, update records and collaborate - anywhere, anytime.

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Your benefits with Dynamics 365 Sales

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    Expandable, scalable and holistic
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    Customer focus and increased efficiency
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    Optimization and automation of sales processes
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    Mobility and flexibility
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    Numerous integration options

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Numerous integration options

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Synchronize customer data, sales orders and financial information between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central to get a unified view of customer relationships. Optimize the process from quotation to payment to improve efficiency and collaboration between your sales and finance teams.

Microsoft Office 365 integration

Dynamics 365 Sales can be seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Office 365. The Outlook integration of Dynamics 365 Sales allows you to synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks, for example. You can access and update customer information directly from Outlook, ensuring a consistent view of customer interactions across multiple platforms.

Microsoft Power BI Integration

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Power BI integration enables your sales team to turn data into actionable insights. Create interactive reports and dashboards to track key metrics. Share these visualizations in your company to be successful together.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Improve your prospecting and lead generation efforts by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This integration provides access to the vast LinkedIn network of professionals and allows you to gather valuable insights, identify potential leads and nurture relationships directly in the CRM platform.

Microsoft Teams integration

Dynamics 365 Sales is integrated with Microsoft Teams and facilitates collaboration and communication within your sales team. You can easily access sales documents, initiate team discussions and share information directly in the Teams interface to promote a cohesive sales environment.

Microsoft Power Platform Integration

As part of the Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Sales can be integrated with Power Automate and Power Apps. This integration allows you to automate workflows, create custom business processes and visualize sales data with interactive dashboards and reports.

Custom API integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales supports a custom API integration that allows you to connect to external systems, applications or third-party services. This flexibility allows you to integrate with other business-critical tools or use specialized solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

360° view in the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Get a comprehensive insight into the integration possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with other cloud applications such as Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote and Power BI. Discover in this video how you can automate internal sales processes with just a few clicks using Power Automate.

Duration: approx. 32 minutes

Our approach, your success

This is how we support you with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales:

Proof of concept and preparation workshop

Here you can find out what benefits the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales would have for your business processes. We will provide you with essential insights that will support you in your decision-making process.

Training and courses

To ensure that you can continue to use and manage the system efficiently in the future and make adjustments independently, we offer training courses for basic use, administration and customizing.

Business consulting and project implementation

To ensure a smooth integration that aligns with your business goals, we provide expert advice, conduct thorough business process analysis and deliver end-to-end tool implementation.

Additional advice and ongoing support

To ensure your continued success, we remain within your reach at all times. With our consulting services, you always have the option of adapting the CRM to changing needs and challenges.

Customization with Power Platform

Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Pages are tailored to your business needs to automate your applications, forms, workflows and processes. Alternatively, we can also optimize your existing adaptations.

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