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See all the important information about your ERP system at a glance - the DYCE Cockpit app makes it possible.

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All important information at a glance

Clear task management
DYCE's task management tool makes it possible to keep track of all tasks and processes, which speeds up response times and saves time.

Working efficiently with ERP management
With the DYCE Cockpit app, you can see all open processes and to-dos assigned to you at a glance, which enables a faster response time and more security. Color coding for certain thresholds also provides visual information about high-priority tasks.

Features of DYCE Cockpit

Fast access

You can filter data records according to specific criteria with just a few clicks. Our ERP app gives you quick access to all relevant information. Each employee can design the cockpit individually. How to achieve maximum efficiency with DYCE.

Automated adaptation of data records

The number of data records displayed automatically adjusts to the respective criteria. Completed data records are no longer displayed, new ones are added automatically.

Dynamic date filter

The date filter of the task management software adjusts automatically every day. This means you never lose track of upcoming tasks, notice periods or similar.

Threshold values always in view

Customize your cues with DYCE Cockpit and set the threshold value required for the display. This means you have everything you need at a glance and can work even more productively.

Practical and time-saving

Time is one of the most important resources. With DYCE Cockpit you save time whenever and wherever possible. All the information relevant to you is displayed on the start page, so you no longer have to search for it.

Individual filters

Employees in your company will also need different filters for different tasks and data records. These can be easily set up individually in DYCE Cockpit.

Filter for all employees

If there are filters for data records that are relevant for the entire company, this is no problem with our ERP management. Individual filters can be selected, copied and passed on to all employees.

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Use cases with DYCE Cockpit

All sales offers immediately available

During the sales process, a quote is created as soon as a certain processing status is reached. In DYCE Cockpit, employees can see at a glance the documents for which they are responsible.

Received purchases and invoices always in view

One task of the internal sales department is to charge for orders shipped. Therefore, the responsible employees can adjust the filters in their cues so that they can see exactly which orders have been shipped and can be invoiced.

Faster reaction speed and fewer errors

The sales team always keeps an eye on the validity of all offers. A suitable cue can be created in the DYCE Cockpit app for this purpose. For example, all offers that expire within the next week can be displayed.

Would you like to find out more about DYCE?

In our monthly DYCE Espresso webcast, we present various functionalities of our DYCE apps. Take a look at our video library and let yourself be inspired!

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