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Monitoring the term of contract services

Get an overview of contract services and create renewal quotes easily

Many IT companies offer their customers fixed-term contract services such as servicing, software subscriptions or warranty extensions for hardware. They want to submit quotes for renewals of service commitments before they expire.

To do this, the sales department will first need an overview of all the service commitments that are about to expire. Then it wants to create a new quote in the simplest possible way.

In our ERP system SITE, this is quick and easy: when software or hardware is sold, SITE lets you add service commitment packages that include a guarantee, a guarantee extension or a service commitment. These service commitment packages are “stored” in what is known as the Installed Item.

In the Guarantee Duration window, sales representatives can monitor the expiration of service commitment packages and filter them by period of validity (see Screenshot Box 1), by type (Box 2), etc. A click of the mouse, and SITE conveniently generates a quote for renewing the selected services (Box 3).

Bottom line: Customers who use SITE to monitor the term of contract services

  • can quickly determine whether contract services will be expiring in any desired period, and
  • save time and effort by conveniently creating a quote for renewing these services

Interested in knowing more about monitoring contract services in SITE? Give us a call at (+49 89) 748-5140 or contact us by e-mail at easy(at)singhammer.com.

This SITE highlight is available in the standard application beginning with SITE 7.10 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

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