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Mobile helpdesk access

With SITE Customer Access, customers can access tickets at any time

IT enterprises want to provide the best support and make their ticket system accessible to customers anytime and anywhere. To do this, they must provide secure mobile helpdesk access.

Our ERP systems SITE's Customer Access does just this. Customers of an IT enterprise can

  • create their own incidents;
  • modify and release software changes;
  • monitor progress, including in hardware changes and work orders.

And they can do this at any time and wherever there is Internet access. SITE Customer Access displays input and information screens both in the ERP system and in the web, tablet and smartphone clients (see Screenshot 1 for the web client view). Responsive design provides an optimal fit for the available screen size (see Screenshot 2).

Mobile helpdesk access works especially quickly in Customer Access, because the single-page application keeps load time very short.

Bottom line: IT enterprises with SITE Customer Access

  • improve the support they provide by giving their customers modern mobile helpdesk access
  • lighten their helpdesk’s load by allowing customers to enter their own tickets
  • gain the technical basis for developing additional access options for their customers (for sales orders, Installed Items, sales invoices, etc.)

Interested in knowing more about SITE Customer Access? Give us a call at (+49 89) 748-5140 or contact us by e-mail at easy@singhammer.com.

The SITE budget controlling in jobs is available in the standard application beginning with NAV and SITE NAV 2015.

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