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Customer contracts

Straightforward management and convenient billing for support, services, SaaS, etc.

IT companies have many different kinds of contractual relationships with their customers. These include contract services that must be managed and invoiced periodically.

Accounting needs support for billing: no contractual service can be overlooked, whether billing is monthly, quarterly or annual—even if there are thousands of services with different contract periods!

With its Customer Contracts module, our ERP system SITE provides just this support: you can enter different services in one contract and preformat them for invoicing. All outstanding contracts are then charged at the touch of a button; invoices are generated either one contract at a time or as a collective invoice.

SITE lets customer consultants see at a glance what customer contracts exist for a customer and review in seconds the invoices that have been generated for each one. When a contractual service is sold, it is (semi-)automatically added to the customer’s contract; a contract can even be created automatically if none exists.

Bottom line: Customers who use SITE Customer Contracts can

  • manage a wide range of terms and conditions and contractual services
  • periodically invoice all upcoming contractual services at the touch of a button
  • compare contract revenue for work done
  • implement price updates for contractual services

Interested in knowing more about managing customer contracts in SITE? Give us a call at (+49 89) 748-5140 or contact us by e-mail at easy(at)singhammer.com.

The Customer Contracts module requires SITE Version 7.10 or later and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Version 2009 or later.

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