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Cloud contract management

Provide usage-based services (XaaS) easily and bill for them quickly

Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and other providers of cloud solutions struggle with the handling of SaaS, IaaS or, broadly, XaaS (Anything as a Service) contracts. The exchange of data with manufacturer portals and data processing centers as well as the billing for licenses, storage space and so on involving constantly changing amounts of data are hugely expensive—especially when the quantities of billing data are great.

Cloud solution providers want to operate their cloud business as efficiently as possible and be able to flexibly bundle their own services together with outside services. This is precisely what SITE, the ERP industry software for IT enterprises, allows you to do. SITE makes it possible to create item bundles flexibly and bill cloud contracts by means of largely automated processes.

You can easily set up bundles of your own and outside services in SITE even at the level of item master data (see Screenshot 1), whether you want to bill for items on a usage-dependent basis or at a flat rate. Then the customer will see only the price of the bundle (the main line) in the sales quote and invoice. If desired, you can display text for the individual services directly underneath (the secondary lines).

XaaS items produce a flood of monthly usage data. SITE converts this data to individual invoices (see Screenshot 2) either with a few mouse clicks or else automatically by batch operations. Unused quantities are automatically converted to credit memos. This works for both vendor and customer invoices. The detailed overview in customer invoices shows all individual line items.

Bottom line: Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and other cloud providers that use our industry software SITE can:

  • assemble individual bundles of cloud services and other services
  • save management costs through automatic billing of cloud/XaaS services
  • successfully move their license business to the cloud world

Want to find out more about cloud contract management in SITE? Read the SITE-Seeing Highlight (Link auf Highlight) or ask us! Call us at (+49 89) 748-5140 or e-mail us at easy@singhammer.com.

Cloud contract management requires SITE 2017 R2 or later, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and a suitable connector. 

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