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System integrator software

SITE: intelligent system integrator software since 1994

The industry solution for system integrators powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

System integrators are the all-rounders of IT companies, with everything under one roof: sales, consulting and service. To be competitive, their complex processes must be supported by IT software that is at once specialized and comprehensive. This is SITE in a nutshell—a powerful ERP system that incorporates many of the functions typical for system integrators even in the standard application. For example:

  • direct access to up-to-date distributor item and price information and paperless subsequent processing using readymade B2B connectors
  • import of configuration files (including special bids) from the product configurators of different vendors
  • order-related requisitions
  • management of customer installed items and support and maintenance contracts (see also Maintenance contracts)
  • representation of all after-sales processes, such as incident management (see also Helpdesk), software change and hardware change (RMA process)

For more on our business software, see SITE system integrator software.

A former system integrator’s system integrator software

SITE began in 1994 as an in-house development of the Navision team of a Munich system integrator. When other system integrators showed an interest in our IT-specific software, we started marketing it under the name SHL (for Systemhauslösung, or System Integrator Solution).

In 1998 we renamed SHL SITE (Solution for IT Enterprises) for the international market and, as Singhammer IT Consulting AG, specialized exclusively in marketing, implementing and refining this industry solution.

By now our direct customers include more than 100 system integrators. This extraordinarily deep industry expertise gives us the competence to advise you from the first discussion on—because we know from experience how to set up efficient IT processes and represent them in the form of business software.

Want to know more about our system integrator software? Contact us at (+49 89) 748-5140 or easy(at)singhammer.com.

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