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SITE Service

Manage technical and professional services to perfection with the all-in-one software solution SITE


As a solution specifically for IT enterprises, SITE provides simple resource planning and time recording.

With SITE you can bill by time and expenses or by fixed price and include travel time and surcharges. The logic is entered once for an order; the person recording the time does not need to know about it. You can input data using an app or a smartphone. You can also use the data immediately for internal travel expense accounting.

Your resource planning is easy with SITE. Because whether your scheduling is central or decentralized, employees have their assignments directly synchronized in their calendars (bidirectionally) via an Exchange interface.


See more highlights of SITE Service!

Automatically calculated extra charges

Automatically generate contractually-stipulated extra charges for work done after hours, on weekends and on holidays


Automatically calculated extra charges

Graphic resource planning

Get an overview of all your resources and schedule them with ease


Graphic resource planning

Recording time and expenses

Enter travel time and expenses with ease, even on a tablet


Recording time and expenses

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