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SITE Helpdesk

Manage tickets more easily with the helpdesk module of the all-in-one software SITE


Even when you’re away from the office, your response is better with SITE, the ERP industry solution for IT enterprises!

SITE Helpdesk has information about contracts, SLAs, prepaid balances and everything else to do with customers. So your support is always optimally informed. Workflows guide processing and an escalation module monitors response times.

All this works on mobile devices, too: your customers can create their own tickets and track them via mobile access or through a portal. Your service department also works flexibly with a web, tablet or smartphone client.

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Incident Management

Automatically create, manage and bill for incidents


Incident Management

Mobile helpdesk access

With SITE Customer Access, customers can access tickets at any time


Mobile helpdesk access

360-Degree view

View all key figures on the Contact List screen and initiate actions directly


360-Degree view

Find out more about SITE's users!

Support management

Achieve customer satisfaction more easily with SITE, the industry solution for IT enterprises


Support management

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