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Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers manage cloud contracts efficiently with SITE

In response to the increasing demand in Germany for IT cloud services, a growing number of Microsoft partners have become CSPs—Cloud Solution Providers. We can also assume that Microsoft will increasingly move to a CSP license model.

With the new SITE and the connector for Microsoft, the IT industry specialist Singhammer has now created the optimal solution for contract management by Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers.

The CSP program poses new challenges for many IT service providers

The provision of cloud computing services is just part of the challenge that must be met by a Microsoft CSP and other cloud service providers. The real trick is to sell cloud contracts profitably. Processing usage-based contracts such as SaaS, IaaS or CSP subscriptions on a large scale creates an enormous administrative burden. This reduces profit. The solution for Cloud Solution Providers is SITE

With SITE, Microsoft partners can move their license business to the cloud

CfMD LogoSinghammer’s industry-specific software is based on Microsoft Dynamics and has been continuously developed since 1998 to meet the special requirements of IT enterprises. If our customers become Cloud Solution Providers and need a simple contract management solution for their cloud contracts, we are designing the software that will make that possible.

Connectors save work in the Microsoft Portal

For Tier 1 and Tier 2 Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers that use ADN, Singhammer provides the right connectors. So CSPs no longer have to work in the Microsoft Portal. They can create customers and subscriptions in SITE itself. And: more connectors are being planned.

Want to find out more about cloud contract management in SITE? Contact us at (+ 49 89) 748-5140 or e-mail us at easy@singhammer.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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