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SITE: the ERP software for medium-sized IT enterprises

SITE: integrate all your business processes with the ERP solution for IT enterprises

The industry solution SITE simplifies your business as a software provider, system vendor or IT service provider because it includes smart and proven features specifically for IT enterprises, even in its standard version. You can move smoothly from CRM and helpdesk to invoicing and after-sales service and use integrated interfaces for communications, including with distributors and purchasing platforms. Replace your patchwork of systems with SITE!

Application areas

SITE: all areas of the application at a glance

SITE: everything you need for a good customer relationship

SITE: for efficiency in your hardware and software business

SITE: for economical business processes

What our customers say

SITE gave us a return on our investment in six months – one of the best decisions in the history of our company.

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CEO of DM Dokumenten Management GmbH

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