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Manage Cloud contracts more easily—with SITE 2017 R2

XaaS providers and managed service providers struggle with the complexity of handling of usage-based contracts such as SaaS, IaaS and CSP subscriptions. The new SITE 2017 R2, the industry software for IT enterprises, has now created a simple solution for bulk processing of variable usage data aided by a high degree of automation.

Here’s what you can do with SITE 2017 R2’s new contract tool:

  • Gather your own and outside services into product bundles, which end-users see as a single line-item—from sales quote and sales order to invoice.
  • Fewer clicks in a sales order: Even at the sales quote or sales order stage, specify the contract or contract type to which a certain service commitment will be assigned. Then, when this contract is selected, the service commitment will automatically be added to the contract at shipment.
  • Contract billing automatically distinguishes between invoices and credit memos: a credit memo is automatically created when a customer has used less than was paid for.  

For cloud solution providers in Microsoft Tier 1 and the distributor ADN, Singhammer provides the appropriate connectors. With the use of SITE 2017 R2, you can also:

  • Requisition with ease: Transfer customer master data that you enter in SITE to the Microsoft or ADN portal by pressing a button. And you can create Microsoft and ADN subscriptions right in a SITE sales order.
  • Do your billing practically automatically: With the use of SITE 2017 R2’s new XaaS and contract functions, you can create individual customer invoices from the Microsoft or ADN invoice by pushing a button. You can also create product bundles including your own services.
  • More connectors are being planned—ask us!

Other improvements in SITE 2017 R2 

  • Call for a contract: Is a customer breathing down your neck for a contract? Create a new contract or add to an existing one without having to go through the whole sales process including sales quote and sales order.
  • Activity report: It’s now easy to aggregate and print all activities in SITE—when you’re with customers, in your own office or traveling. Whether it’s for yourself, for multiple people or—if you’re a team leader—for your own employees, everything is possible. And it makes no difference whether the service is still being entered, is on a service document or has already been archived.
  • Unified platform: Like the Calendar and the Gantt Chart, Customer Access now uses the Javascriptframework ExtJS as a technical basis. This means that for customizations in all three areas of the application, developers only have to acquire the necessary knowledge once and achieve a higher level of Quality.
Graphic for SITE with cloud contract management
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