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Greater customer focus and innovativeness: our new project organization

Our world is getting more and more complex, technological developments faster and faster and innovation cycles shorter and shorter. Earlier in the week Lutz Tschense, CEO of akquinet NEXT GmbH, came to Singhammer to report on akquinet’s path from a classically hierarchical company to one that is agile, collegially managed and self-organized.

The result of gaining inspiration from others

We too have been busy for some months in restructuring our jobs. For example, we are emphasizing cross-functional customer teams rather than functional teams. With this flexible structure we want to be able not only to meet the needs of our customers more quickly and with even better results, but also to achieve greater efficiency in the way we work and increase our innovativeness—which will again benefit our customers. This process will soon be complete: we will begin using the new team structure on February 1, 2020. To chart the right course during this change, we are gathering inspiration from others, like akquinet NEXT GmbH, who have successfully traveled this route.

Initial results already visible

As a result of the restructuring at akquinet, the willingness to embrace innovation and change among the employees increased perceptibly. More and more, new jobs and other challenges are being tackled and mastered cooperatively. These positive effects make us feel sure that we are moving in the right direction.

Nevertheless, it is also true that there is no change without friction. Within self-organized companies, conflicts arise more frequently where in hierarchical structures they would tend to stay below the surface. But this too is ultimately a positive thing. Problems are resolved more quickly and do not simmer for an unnecessarily long time. Open and transparent communication and constructive interchange are the basis for good teamwork.

Where the journey will lead

The valuable impetus to reorganize jobs at Singhammer came from akquinet NEXT. But we also learned that this process is as individual as the company itself. So the reorganization that others have completed cannot and should not be a best practice or one-to-one template for us. Rather, we have forged our own path, which has already proved itself repeatedly. The basis for our transformation comes from our “Singhammer spirit” and our common objective of being more focused on the customer and more innovative in the market.

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