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"Digital and Trusted Advisor Selling”: presentation for download

At Directions EMEA, Dr. Josef Böck discussed how digitization is changing selling in IT enterprises. More than a hundred participants from twenty countries came to learn from the experience of the founder and chairman of the supervisory board of Singhammer IT Consulting AG.

As a result of digitization, the business model of software manufacturers and resellers is under pressure from multiple directions. Business software needs to be as easy to use as a smartphone, new market entrants beckon with cloud solutions, and anyone can use the Internet to quickly find out about performance tests and comparisons. Many IT companies rely on digital sales here in order to keep up.

Yet at the same time the complexity of our IT solutions is increasing. One result is that prospective customers increasingly worry about being manipulated into making a decision. Digital media alone do not allay these misgivings. But trust can bridge the gap between the buyer who needs to know enough to make a decision and the value proposition of the seller.

And Directions attendees in Madrid learned how to build this trust—not only toward sales representatives, but toward entire organizations. The crowd around Dr. Böck after his presentation shows that he struck a nerve with IT managers.

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