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Anytime and anywhere, and now offline too!

With our industry software SITE, practically all business processes in IT enterprises can be represented in digital form whenever and wherever there’s Internet access.

Thanks to the Anveo mobile app, applications in SITE’s service and sales area will now work offline too.

Our customer Nösse Datentechnik has been using SITE for many years and creates service tickets in the application. But for on-site use without a mobile data link, Nösse’s service technicians were still resorting to paper. Hand-written work orders were filled out by customers and entered manually into the system at a later point. This time-consuming and error-prone method is now a thing of the past.

The Anveo mobile app makes it possible to send service tickets directly from SITE to a mobile phone, where technicians can work on them and resynchronize them promptly. Find out more in Anveo’s reference report.

Nösse Datentechnik’s technicians are already appreciative: no more paperwork, and no data link required in order to keep on top of things at all times.

Laptop with SITE business software
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