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Any time, anywhere: the new SITE NAV 2016

With SITE NAV 2016, the fully integrated business software for IT companies, it’s now easy to work on all your business processes while you're away from the office. The state-of-the-art Web Client and Tablet Client make this possible.

SITE NAV 2016 Pipeline Screenshot english

SITE NAV 2016 is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and of course makes use of all its advantages—such as the new Smartphone Client for Windows, Android and iOS and the easy customization via events. But there’s a lot more SITE NAV 2016 can do.




 SITE NAV 2016: the answers to your questions

How much revenue will my company be earning in the near future? The Revenue Forecast reveals this information for the coming months. It aggregates data from a wide range of documents (opportunities, sales quotes, sales orders, maintenance, contracts. . .) and analyzes it in Excel PowerPivot.

What do I have in the pipeline? SITE NAV 2016 provides CRM in ERP. The new Role Center for sales shows you at a glance whether you have reached your sales objectives and what your pipeline looks like. Opportunities also indicate the assigned contacts and tasks and are classifiable according to closure probability and leads. SITE NAV 2016 Information History

SITE NAV 2016 Informationshistorie Screenshot

What’s been happening? Information History shows you e-mails, memos, tasks and interactions, clearly arranged and in chronological order. You can open individual elements to see details or filter them using your search terms.

How do I invoice for cloud/SaaS contracts? Quickly and easily. Purchasing, sales, and invoicing of licenses with user numbers that change month by month are almost automatic with SITE. You can use the same invoicing method for other leased services, such as leasing of servers in a computer center.

More questions?

Ask us! We will be happy to advise you on the best way to use SITE NAV 2016 to optimize your business processes—with no obligation on your part. You can reach us by phone at (089) 748-5140 or by e-mail at easy(at)singhammer.com.

You can also find out more about our ERP system SITE on Industry Solution SITE NAV.

Interested in the highlights with some screenshots? Have a look at our SITE-Seeing Tour.

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