Cloud computing - an overview of everything important

Cloud computing is on everyone's lips and is also gaining increasing recognition among SMEs. According to a study by the Crisp Institute (2015, 222 SMEs), around 25.2% of SMEs productively use a cloud service. 25.9% rely on a hybrid cloud solution, while 27.5% use a public cloud in the company. As many as 33.9% work via a private cloud solution.

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So one thing at a time ...

These figures are only intended to give a rough overview of how cloud computing is becoming increasingly recognized and, above all, used. A cloud is increasingly seen as an infrastructural good like electricity from the socket or water from the tap. The required computing power is simply obtained from the Internet, server farms enable the provision of fast connections and high storage capacities, which are sold to end users. The offering ranges from demand-based performance to scalable data centers.

Here you can gain an insight into the various delivery and service models and find out how you can implement an individual cloud solution with Singhammer IT Consulting.

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