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Are you looking for a worthwhile industry solution?
We make you successful! Benefit from DYCE, the Singhammer apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner Logo

With the DYCE apps, we are targeting IT companies such as

Manage complex contracts, reliably bill time recording

Typical topics for our customers are complex contracts and invoices consisting of one-off amounts, recurring items such as updates or maintenance and items on an hourly basis.

This goes hand in hand with a large number of supplier and customer contracts with different terms, project and resource planning, time recording and correct accounting accruals.

3 good reasons to become a Singhammer partner

You know the target industry inside out, because your future customers have the same or a similar business model as you. Your consultants already have the knowledge of the industry and can easily adapt the processes and functions of the Singhammer apps.

Singhammer has been successfully active in this target market for over 25 years. The demarcation of the target customers is clear, the technical structure of the Singhammer apps is well structured so that most customer scenarios are mapped within the existing functions (<10 % individual development).

The IT sector is crisis-proof - demand is high, continues to grow and regular technological changes also lead to regular adjustments to existing systems. In crises or difficult economic times, IT can even boom disproportionately.

Do you already have customers in the IT sector?

Do you see the need to migrate these to the cloud with the next update?

Looking for a new, attractive target group?

Singhammer is the answer to all initial scenarios.

When can we start? This is your timetable!

Singhammer not only provides you with the apps for Business Central, but also a comprehensive partner program that supports you in all phases.

  • You develop a business plan with us

  • You are planning onboarding for sales and delivery

  • You sell your first project together with us

Partner community

Partner Manager Andreas Dorsch accompanies you and is always at your side when you need him. We also offer you a partner portal and a partner community that meets in regular remote and on-site meetings to exchange ideas and discuss new ideas and requirements with Singhammer.

Do you have any questions about our partner program?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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