We are New Work pioneers and bring the principles of agile organization to life

Singhammer is a pioneer in the implementation of New Work principles. Not because we absolutely wanted to be ahead. But because we felt that the old structures no longer fit. For years now, we have been shaping a modern working environment that is constantly evolving and inspiring everyone. Long live the #SinghammerSpirit!
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Agile corporate culture

Fewer bosses, more personal responsibility

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    What did we want to achieve?

    Our goal in 2019 was clear: we want to become more agile.
    For our work, we need the ability to react more quickly to the unexpected. So that we can always react optimally to changes in the environment, to new requirements, to more complex projects and tasks, even in different team compositions.

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    How do we get there?

    The magic word to achieve our goal was: personal responsibility. We dissolved the traditional hierarchies and have since been working in teams in which everyone has equal rights but can have different roles. Decisions are made in teams and circles, not in a boardroom. Self-control instead of external control.

What the #SinghammerSpirit is all about:

Flat hierarchies:

There are no unnecessary barriers with us. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute ideas and take responsibility. We value the diversity of perspectives and promote cooperation on an equal footing.


Horizontal communication:

Communication is the key. There are no "forbidden doors" here. Employees exchange ideas across departmental boundaries and find innovative solutions together.


Agile working methods:

We live agility. Our teams work according to agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban. This makes us flexible, adaptable and able to react quickly to changes.



We have opted for the Holacracy organizational model. We are replacing traditional hierarchies with roles and circles, each of which has specific responsibilities. This enables decentralized decision-making and promotes self-organization.


Become part of our team!

We are always looking for talented people who share our values and want to help shape our vision of New Work. Take a look at our current vacancies and become part of our team!


Away from perfect control:

We understand that perfection is not always necessary. Flexibility, adaptability and innovation are more important than strict control. That's why we offer plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.


New Work - Why Singhammer is doing away with traditional hierarchies

A new organizational structure was launched at the end of 2019. How does Singhammer work today? How do the "Circles" work? And what lessons have been learned in recent years? In this webcast, organizational developer Eva Wieland talks from the inside.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes

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